Schleich Horse Hair Clip Accessories

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  • Item: 17013
  • Age Range: 3+
  • Scale: 1:24


With these great hair clips horse grooming is twice as much fun! The small finger brush will bring a shine to any mane and tail! It’s hard to choose which accessories to use for the horse’s hairstyle...Beads, flowers and bows all look great. Should it be colourful or more toned down? There’s even an extra strand of hair in orange, which is especially chic. The horse is so fancy it needs to be taken for a ride to show off.

- Includes hair clips, 1x horse blanket, 1x vest for human figure
- Part of the HORSE CLUB Sofia’s Beauties collection
- Made from plastic, 18 pieces
- Includes 8x hair beads, 4x hair flower, 4x hair bow, 1x hair strand, 1x finger comb
- Schleich Horse Hair Clip Accessories 42616


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