Christmas Toy Shopping for Farm Kids

Our countdown to Christmas has officially started! This is the most exciting time of the year for us; we spend most of November and December picking and packing hundreds of toys for tractor-mad and horse-mad kids across the UK, and we love it.

But we know some parents who are filled with dread at even the mention of Christmas!

At Farm Toys Online, we've tried to make buying presents for kids super easy with our one-stop shop selling fun, top-quality farm toys. So whether you're buying for your farm-crazy children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren or friends' kids, you’ll surely find something they’ll love on the website.

And to make the festive season even merrier, we've put together the ultimate guide to Christmas toy shopping for farm kids. Keep reading for our top tips!

Advice for Christmas Toy Shopping from Real Parents

Oh yes, been there, done that, and learned our lessons!

From being lured by Black Friday offers that promised more than they delivered to grappling with the January pinch.

We've brainstormed every situation that could put a damper on your joy and figured out ways to avoid them, ensuring your Christmas day goes off without a hiccup.

Make Sure Your Christmas Gifts Are Age-Appropriate

It might sound obvious, but it's important — do try to stick to age recommendations for the safety of your child.

If you're buying toys for children under three, aim for toys designed for rigorous play. Toys intended for older children often contain small parts, which are not only vulnerable to breaking but also pose a choking hazard.

If you're considering something like one of our electric ride-ons as a gift, we would recommend including a helmet for safety.

Always bear in mind that age grading is primarily based on safety, not on your child's level of intelligence. Trust the experts!

Our blog is full of buying guides featuring the top toys for different ages, so be sure to check them out.

Choose Toys that Will Withstand Outside Play on the Farm

If you're lucky enough to live on a farm or have a nice big garden, chances are your children will be taking their toys outside a lot!

Ideally, you want big, sturdy toys that can handle the rigours of outdoor play, like our Bruder Toys, made from durable plastic similar to those used in the car industry, or Tonka, made from cold rolled steel.

Julia has an amusing story about why she started stocking Tonka at Farm Toys Online. Her brother had a Tonka Truck while growing up, and her dad accidentally ran over it with the Volvo. Surprisingly, the Tonka toy survived, and she's had a soft spot for Tonka ever since!

If you have the space, ride-ons make the most brilliant gifts. From pedal power to electric vehicles, a great ride-on toy will spark your child's natural imagination, transforming them into fearless racer or fantastic farmer.

Our philosophy is simple: buy well, buy once. We recommend purchasing quality toys for outdoor play from trustworthy retailers – like us!

Look for Farm Games the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Is Christmas even Christmas without a fun game the whole family can enjoy?

Nothing makes the festive season more special than gathering around the table and playing a fun game with your loved ones.

For younger children, simpler games like our Farmyard Donkey Card Game are perfect and make excellent stocking fillers. But as children hit 8 and beyond, you can up the ante with games like John Deere-Opoly that adults will love just as much as the kids.

The joy of sharing a well-loved game with your family during the festive season is simply priceless. Whether it's a lively round of snap or the competitive spirit in the game of Monopoly, these are the memories you'll cherish for years to come.

Shop Online to Avoid the Christmas Rush

Shopping online is a no-brainer, especially to avoid the chaotic Christmas rush and snag those hard-to-find items.

Supporting the high street is important, but you can also champion small, independent businesses like ours by choosing your online shopping destinations carefully.

Independents don't have their own delivery network and rely on external services. So, I strongly recommend starting your shopping sooner rather than later; you never know what might delay your order.

Last year, online shoppers faced Royal Mail strikes. This year, your gifts' arrival could be hindered by blizzards or flooding.

Begin now, and you can relax, knowing everything is safely tucked away in a cupboard, sidestepping any last-minute rushing around.

Plan a Budget & Stick to It

You don't want to overspend during the festive season only to struggle with the bills that come in January.

That’s where a budget comes in handy! A budget helps you understand what you can and can’t afford, allowing you to plan how much to spend on gifts for each child.

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to fulfil the toys on your Christmas list, consider keeping family and friends in the loop. They will likely appreciate suggestions for presents—I know mine always do.

Shopping online can be very helpful when sticking to a budget. It allows you to stay focused and be less tempted by those little extras that they simply don't need.

Once you've purchased the children's presents, try to avoid unnecessary trips to the shops. This way, you won’t be tempted to reach for your purse!

Stick With Top Brands for the Best Farm Toys

Watch out for cheap imitations and offers that seem too good to be genuine!

It's better to buy fewer items but of higher quality, toys that will last a lifetime rather than end up in the bin within a matter of weeks.

If a deal looks too good to be true, trust your instincts. We've heard countless stories of counterfeit toys out there that simply don't meet the safety standards you'd expect. Many of these fake toys contain nasty stuff like lead and phthalates—definitely not what you want for your little ones.

It's best to buy from quality retailers instead of those bargain-focused marketplaces. Here at Farm Toys Online, we've got more than just an unbeatable range of farm toys—we offer top-quality toys you can count on, sourced from cherished heritage brands that have been bringing joy for generations.

For more tips on avoiding buying counterfeit toys, visit the Government website here.

Top 7 Christmas Gifts Picks for Your Farm Kids

And just in case you're struggling to find gift ideas for your farm kids, don't worry—I've got you covered with a roundup of our top 7 gifts.

I've selected a variety of gift ideas to suit different budgets, ranging from affordable to higher-end options. Starting from toddlers and early years all the way to primary school children, there's something perfect for every age.

Tractor Ted

Has your little one discovered Tractor Ted yet? Tractor Ted is a lovable character who captivates little ones with exciting stories of real-life farm adventures.

My children absolutely adored Tractor Ted when they were little. The collection includes books, DVDs, toys, games, and clothing—perfect for children aged two to six years old. These make fantastic Christmas gifts!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Christine H.

Really pleased with my purchases. Grandson loved his books. Quick delivery and packaged really well. Thank you

My little grandson is obsessed with tractors, and his little face when we opened the package was priceless. He loves his books!

John Deere 12v Electric Gator

It's a bit pricey, but if you have the space, this electric gator is worth every penny—especially since it's a two-seater, doubling the fun!

Suitable for ages 3 and up, it comes with a load box capable of carrying up to 10 kg and even features a working FM radio.

Tonka Steel Toughest Mighty Dump Truck

What can I say? Tonka is simply fantastic—quality that children adore just as much today as they have for decades.

Built on the principle that 'a toy shouldn’t break just because a child plays with it,' Tonka toys are strong, sturdy, and long-lasting—perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Carolyn C.

My 5-year- old grandson was thrilled with the Tonka truck. I'd given him a CAT one a few months ago, but this was even bigger. He uses it all round the house for all sorts of play ideas and useful jobs! A total success!

Landy at The Factory

This special edition book is part of the charming series of Land Rover storybooks, all written and beautifully illustrated by Veronica Lamond.

For the ultimate gift for a Land Rover fan, pair it with one of our Land Rover toys!

The Big Dig Ride-On Working Crane

Perfect for spending hours digging, moving, and dumping sand, mud, or, if you're really lucky, snow in the back garden.

With durable, sturdy metal construction, it can take a weight of up to 4.5 kg. This makes it a great value gift that will bring plenty of joy!

Sheep Farmer Set

This delightful set from Britains includes a shepherd, a sheepdog, a Land Rover, a livestock trailer, and sheep.

Britains is a collectable heritage brand—indeed, you might have played with Britains Toys as a child. These are the kind of timeless toys that get passed down and played with by several generations of family members.

John Deere-opoly

A fantastic spin on a classic game for both adults and kids!

Navigate the board, purchasing land, equipment, and dealerships to amass wealth and aim for the title of the top farmer in your household. Guaranteed to be a hit on Christmas day!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Pennie O.

Excellent service from Farm Toys Online but this order was for a Christmas present requested in plenty of time, not wrapped yet. I’m sure my grandson and his family will love playing this

Our Christmas Gift Wrapping & Presentation Tips

Get ready to wow your loved ones with your impressive wrapping skills. I have gathered some top tips from parents, from keeping wrinkles at bay to adding creative embellishments, to help you get those presents under the tree looking great without the stress.

  1. Start Early: Begin wrapping presents ahead of time to avoid last-minute stress.
  2. Use a Flat Surface: Opt for a firm, flat surface for smoother wrapping and fewer tears.
  3. Recycle for Odd Shapes: For oddly shaped gifts, reuse cardboard boxes to simplify wrapping.
  4. Personalise with Ribbons and Tags: Add a personal touch with ribbons, tags, and unique wrapping paper for each child, making it a breeze to sort the gifts into their correct stockings and sacks on Christmas Eve.

Also, if you're buying gifts to be shipped, don't forget that we offer gift wrapping. Choosing this service allows you to ship your present directly, saving you a lot of time. When you choose gift wrapping, we remove the price, include a personalised message (if specified), and enclose a gift receipt for the recipient.

Rounding Up How to Nail Christmas Toy Shopping

In the whirlwind of the festive season, finding the perfect farm-themed gift for your little ones can be both exciting and overwhelming. We've shared our years of experience, tips, and recommendations to make this process enjoyable and stress-free.

That feeling of watching your child unwrap a well-chosen gift is the best. So, whether it's Tractor Ted's adventures, the sturdiness of Tonka, or the fast-paced game of John Deere-Opoly, each gift is a treasure awaiting discovery.

Happy shopping, and may this Christmas bring boundless smiles and cherished memories for your farm-loving family!


Which Farm Toy Brands Make Good Gifts for Christmas?

The ideal farm toy brands for Christmas gifts can vary based on your child's age and preferences. For younger kids, brands like Tractor Ted or John Deere Kids are great. As they grow older, Bruder Toys or Britains Farm Toys might be more appealing. Regardless of age, shopping from a reputable online independent ensures that all options have been carefully considered and are top quality.

How Do I Know What to Buy My Kid Who Likes Farming?

Ask lots of questions about favourite farm machines and animals; we've got a wide range of farm toys covering just about everything you'd find on a real farm. For more inspiration and detailed toy suggestions, be sure to head to our blog, filled with buying guides and advice for different ages and interests.

What Farm Toys Should I Buy for a 2-Year-Old at Christmas?

Ride-on toys are an excellent choice, providing both entertainment and physical activity for little ones. The John Deere Kids collection is also great for this age group. These toys often come in vibrant colours and simple designs, appealing to toddlers and sparking their imagination.

Do You Offer Farm Toy Christmas Bundles?

We have an extensive selection of bundles personally curated by Julia. These playsets are a fantastic choice as they eliminate the need for you to worry about matching scales and compatibility.

Kelly-Ann Victor

Kelly-Ann Victor

Hi, I'm Kelly-Anne, proud mum to Henry and Carmen. I lead all things marketing at Farm Toys Online. Alongside Julia, I'm on a mission to rescue kids from screens, focusing on helping parents choose the perfect farm toys that spark imaginative play. My favourite tractor brand is Massey Ferguson, and when it comes to horses, I adore a Welsh Pony!

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