The Best Toy Tractors for Toddlers: Tried & Tested

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Toy tractors always make great gifts! After all, most little ones are thrilled by tractors and will excitedly shout "TRACTOR!" the moment one passes them on the road.

These fantastic toys not only fuel their fascination with farm life but also encourage creative play and active learning.

Plus, they provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn about the various brand of tractors, from iconic John Deeres to dependable New Hollands and everything in between.

This roundup of toys is based on customer reviews and experience with our own little ones. All of the toys have been tried, tested, and adored by kids who know a thing or two about toy tractors.

So, get ready to spark some serious joy and make those all-important playtimes unforgettable!

The Best Toy Tractors for Toddlers

Picking out an awesome toy tractor for your little one is all about keeping the fun and safety in check.

Opt for toys that are well-built and have smooth edges, so you can relax while your toddler plays independently. Look for ones with bright colours and moving parts – you know, the kind that makes their eyes light up!

Need some recommendations? Here are our top picks of tractor toys for your two-year-old!

1. Remote-Controlled Johnny Tractor Toy

A well-made, chunky, and thoughtfully designed first remote control toy. Controlling the tractor is simple thanks to the two buttons – one to go straight forward and the other to spin around! 

This colourful first tractor is the perfect introduction to RC toys for kids aged 18 months and up.

2. John Deere Build-A-Johnny Tractor Toy

A sturdy 2 in 1 toy: a free-rolling tractor or a buildable set! Kids can use the battery-powered drill to dismantle and rebuild Johnny Tractor, a fantastic way to boost their dexterity.

Recommended by both Dr. Gummer's Good Play Guide and the Good Toy Guide, this toy has been praised for its outstanding ability to captivate little ones in purposeful play.

3. Big Scoop John Deere Excavator & Dump Truck

A big pair of John Deere vehicles for a day at the beach or in the garden! The dump truck offers effortless tipping action, while the excavator comes with a front handle for easy digging.

Add plenty of sand or mud and sit back and relax as your little one happily loads and unloads the dumper for hours on end! Each vehicle is also available to buy separately.

4. Green Toys Tractor

Little ones will enjoy playing with this brightly coloured orange tractor and detachable trailer! It's sturdy and spacious enough to load with plenty of knick-knacks.

And here's the best part: it's made from 100 per cent recycled milk bottles and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Moreover, the packaging has no fiddly wires or plastic ties – it's straight out of the box and ready to be played with!

5. Wooden Tractor and Trailer with Hay

This retro-style red tractor features 'headlights' that look like eyes and can be adjusted. 

Plus, it includes a pivoting trailer equipped with 2 felt hay bales. Once the hay is removed, the trailer offers lots of room for farm animals (available separately) too.

Make it even better by adding the Tidlo Oldfield Farm – a combo that's sure to win the gift game!

Which Small Toy Tractor Should I Choose for My Kid?

The perfect toy tractor for your child depends on their play style and preferences, which is why we offer such a wide variety of toy tractors at Farm Toys Online!

When customers ask us this question, we always suggest they consider how they want the toy to be used.

Do they prefer something they can take outside and clean up easily? 

Or perhaps they're looking for something interactive to keep them engaged on rainy days or during quiet times at home?

The Best Ride On Tractors for 2-Year-Olds

We have a wide range of ride-on tractors in stock, featuring all the popular brands from John Deere to Massey Ferguson and New Holland, and many more.

We offer two main categories for this age group: "Foot to Floor," perfect for ages one to three, and "Pedal Tractors," ideal for those between two and a half to five years old. Your decision should depend on where your child is developmentally and how many years of play you want to get from the ride-on.

If you'd like to browse through all the ride-ons, head to the shop and make use of our age filter. For our top picks, keep reading!

1. John Deere Ride On Tractor & Trailer

Little ones will have a blast spending hours moving things around the house or garden with this foot-to-floor John Deere ride-on tractor and its matching trailer. It's a tractor you can actually sit on – a truly fantastic gift.

Perfect for ages 1.5 to 4 years, an added bonus is the quiet performance of the tyres on hard floors. That said, it does have a squeaky horn!

2. John Deere Tractor & Trailer with Front Loader

This pedal tractor provides excellent value, featuring a functional front loader, quiet outer wheels, and a covered chain drive for smooth operation. The blow-moulded design adds strength, and the robust 10-12mm axle can handle substantial weight.

At first, your two-year-old might find pedalling the tractor a bit challenging, but this will keep them entertained for several years.

3. Berg Buzzy John Deere Go-Kart

The combination of four wheels and a low design ensures this ride-on has excellent stability, and the added bonus is it grows with your child thanks to the adjustable steering and saddle. 

The cool grill and wide tractor tyres are also a big hit with kids!

4. Rolly Kid Case CVX 1170 Tractor And Trailer

This big pedal tractor features a roll bar, chunky steering wheel, anti-slip pedals, opening bonnet, rear hitch pin, rugged wheels, and a large detachable trailer

Perfect for kids who love red tractors. To get them even more excited, you can attach accessories like a Rolly plough or roller.

5. Pink Mini Ride-On Tractor

Perfect for young farmers who adore pink! It comes with a lifting bonnet and a squeaky horn on the steering wheel. You'll also find a handy storage space under the bonnet.

Made from high-quality plastic, this foot-to-floor ride-on keeps its vibrant pink colour, even when it's out in the sun.

Which Ride On Tractor Should I Choose for My Child?

Choosing the perfect ride-on tractor for your child is all about matching their age, interests, and the features they'll love.

For younger children, opt for a foot-to-floor ride-on – it's easy to use and helps with coordination. As they grow, pedal tractors provide an active, realistic experience. Look for adjustable options to fit their size.

To add excitement, select one in their favourite colour or tractor brand. The key is to ensure it's safe, fun, and tailored to your child's developmental stage and play style. Check out our range of Trailers and other Attachments add variety to their fun.

That way, you'll find the ride-on tractor that brings endless smiles and outdoor entertainment.

Find the Best Tractor Toys for Toddlers at Farm Toys Online

One of the key things we look for in toy tractors for this age group is the colour – it has to be bright! And to make it onto our shelves, it needs to be from a quality brand and easy to handle.

So, rest assured, you'll find only the best tractor toys for toddlers at Farm Toys Online, all carefully chosen with these factors in mind.

From toy tractors to farm animal toys, our selection of toddler farm toys is ideal for engaging little ones in pretend play.


What is the Best Toy Tractor for a 2-Year-Old?

The best toy tractor for a 2-year-old is one that offers simple and safe play, with features like easy-to-use pedals or a foot-to-floor design for early coordination skills.

Look for quality construction, bright colours, and plenty of interactive features to keep their interest, like the New Holland Rolly Kid Tractor & Trailer.

What is the Best Ride On Tractor Toy?

The best ride-on tractor toy depends on what you're after. We've got it all – from foot-to-floor options for the little ones to pedal tractors for those more advanced. If you're looking for battery-powered fun, our electric ride-ons are a hit, generally suitable for ages 3 and up.

What Age Are Ride-On Toys Suitable For?

Ride-on toys are typically suitable for children aged 12 months and older. They come in various designs and styles, including foot-to-floor options for the youngest riders and pedal-powered versions as children grow and develop more coordination and motor skills.

Which Brand Makes the Best Tractor Toys for Kids?

Rolly stands out in offering fantastic ride-on toys for little ones, thanks to their quality and safety. Their user-friendly, true-to-life designs, coupled with sturdy construction, make them ideal for young children.

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