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Showing 1 - 24 of 131 products
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Breyer BY59197 / 591001 Red Stable Set Toy Horse StableBreyer BY59197 / 591001 Red Stable Set Toy Horse Stable
Breyer Stablemates Red Stable Set With Two Horses
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Breyer Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 3Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 3 (Breyer) [300193]
Breyer Mini Whinnies Surprise Series 3
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Breyer Classics Heather English RiderBreyer Classics Heather English Rider
Breyer Classics Heather English Rider
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Breyer Mane Beauty Styling HeadBreyer Mane Beauty Styling Head
Breyer Breyer Mane Beauty Styling Head
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Breyer Classic English Horse & Rider 61114Breyer Classic English Horse & Rider 61114
Breyer Classics English Horse and Rider
Sale price£34.95 Regular price£42.95
Breyer Country Stable with Wash StallBreyer Country Stable with Wash Stall
Breyer Stable Cleaning Set 2477Breyer Stable Cleaning Set 2477
Breyer Toy Stable Cleaning Set
Sale price£18.95
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Breyer Classics Stable Cleaning Set 61074 Scale 1:12Breyer Classics Stable Cleaning Set 61074 Scale 1:12
Breyer Stable Cleaning Set
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Black Beauty Horse & Book Set
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Breyer Traditional Stable Feed Set 2486Breyer Traditional Stable Feed Set 2486
Breyer Stable Feed Set
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Breyer Classics Stable Feeding Set 61075 Scale 1:12
Breyer Stable Feeding Set
Sale price£15.50 Regular price£16.95
Breyer Stablemates Unicorn Mystery SurpriseBreyer Breyer Stablemates Unicorn Mystery Surprise
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Breyer Traditional Catch Me 1806Breyer Traditional Catch Me 1806
Breyer Catch Me
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Breyer National Velvet Horse And Book Set Breyer National Velvet Horse And Book Set
Breyer National Velvet Horse And Book Set
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Breyer Traditional 1497 Gypsy Vanner Horse
Breyer Gypsy Vanner Horse
Sale price£49.95 Regular price£53.95
Breyer Classices Western Horse and Rider SetBreyer Classics Western Horse and Rider Set
Breyer Horse Surprise Paint & Play Blind BagBreyer Horse Surprise Paint & Play Blind Bag
Breyer Traditional Wood Saddle Stand 281 Scale 1:9
Breyer Wood Saddle Stand
Sale price£8.50
Breyer Deluxe Animal HospitalBreyer Deluxe Animal Hospital
Breyer Deluxe Animal Hospital
Sale price£52.95
Breyer Classics Horse Corral FencingBreyer Classics Horse Corral Fencing
Breyer Horse Corral Fencing
Sale price£8.95
Breyer Brush Jump Breyer Traditional Brush Box Jump 2043 Scale 1:9
Breyer Brush Box Jump
Sale price£23.95
Breyer Traditional Pink Blanket and Shipping BootsBreyer Traditional Pink Blanket and Shipping Boots
Breyer Stablemates Pintos & Palominos Gift Set
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Breyer Stablemates Horse Foal SurpriseBreyer Stablemates Horse Foal Surprise
Breyer Horse Foal Surprise
Sale price£14.50 Regular price£15.95

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Breyer Horses & Stable Accessories for Kids Aged 4+

Our collection of Breyer toys is perfect for little horse enthusiasts aged 4+! These toys are built to last with incredible detail that’ll provide hours of imaginative play for your child, as well as a lifetime of cherished memories.

With a wide range of breeds, colours and horse scales, your child can build a fantastic horse toy world with all their favourite Breyer models. All of these figures are hand-painted, providing lifelike details you won’t find anywhere else.

Bestselling Breyer Model Horses

Despite the beauty of all these handcrafted models, we've picked out a few of our bestselling and favourite Breyer horses that we think should be a part of every child’s toy horse collection.

No horse lover's collection is complete without Black Beauty! Our Black Beauty Horse and Book Set is the ideal gift for children who love playing with horses and reading about them – not only is the handcrafted horse model stunningly detailed, but the accompanying storybook helps bring this wonderful horse to life.

One of the most stunning figures in our range is the Gypsy Vanner Horse. This beautifully crafted model replicates the stunning colours and markings of the real-life Gypsy Vanner breed. The animated pose brings a ton of personality and movement to the horse, making it an ideal addition for any collectors or older children over 8.

For horse lovers who want to play with their Breyer horses rather than just admire them, the Unicorn Aurora is perfect! This stunning unicorn model features beautiful, iridescent paint applied with airbrushes for a truly magical finish.

Breyer Farm Accessories

Having model horses is great, but you need some accessories to truly bring your little one's stable yard to life.

Our Breyer Stable Feed Set is the ideal addition to your little one's farm, complete with a nose bag, an aluminium water trough, a bag of feed and a scoop, and a hay net complete with a hay bale. It’ll help your little ones take great care of their horses!

Of course, looking after horses comes with a bit of mess, and the Toy Stable Cleaning Kit is the ideal way to help your child understand what's involved in caring for horses through play. This accessories set includes a wheelbarrow, bucket, fork, shovel, and broom, as well as a small pile of manure to make mucking out even more realistic.

Shop our range of Breyer model horses and accessories at Farm Toys Online today!


What Age Group Are Breyer Toys Suitable For?

Breyer toys are typically suitable for children aged 4 and up. However, some models and accessories are more appropriate for children aged 8 and above due to their intricate details and small parts. Please refer to the product description for each item before purchasing.

Do Breyer Toys Come With Any Accessories?

Yes, we sell a variety of Breyer farm accessories to enhance your child's play experience. These include the Breyer Stable Feed Set and the Breyer Toy Stable Cleaning Kit. These accessory kits are sold separately from our Breyer horses.

Are Breyer Toys Durable?

Breyer toys are beautifully handcrafted and, as such, are not as durable as other makes of farm toys. Because of this slight fragility, the suggested age for the majority of these toys is 8+. There are some horses in the range that are suitable for children aged 4+ that are more durable.

Are Breyer Horse Toys Collectable?

Yes, Breyer horses are highly collectable due to their handcrafted nature. Vintage Breyer models are among the most collectable, but new models will become more popular and sought after over time.