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Landy Book
Landy Landy Book
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Landy's New Home Book
Landy Landy's New Home Book
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Landy and the Apple Harvest Landy Book
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Fender Landy Book
Landy Fender Book
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Fender Goes to Africa Landy Book
Landy Fender Goes to Africa
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Fender and the Cliff Rescue Landy Book
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Fender's Day at the Harbour Landy Book
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Land Rover Defender & Fender Book BundleLand Rover Defender & Fender Book Bundle
Landy Land Rover Defender & Fender Book Bundle
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Landy Land Rover Book Series

Take your child on a farming adventure with the Landy Land Rover book series!

From exploring farm life to taking trips around the globe, your child will love following Landy the Land Rover on all of his exciting journeys.

Each book is beautifully illustrated with stories written by the talented Veronica Lamond, who brings the adventures of Landy (1956 Series 1) and Fender (1999 Defender) to life. Your little one will love engaging with the lovable Landy and his friends, learning valuable life lessons along the way.

The books are perfect for children aged 3-7 and make great bedtime stories. They're also a fantastic introduction to the world of Land Rover for young enthusiasts or even entertainment on road trips.

Our Favourite Landy Books

The original Landy Book is the perfect introduction to this charming book series for your little one.. Recounting the story of how Landy was rescued from years of abandonment, this uplifting story is sure to make your budding farmer fall in love with Landy.

For an ideal gift, the Land Rover Defender & Fender Book Bundle is a winning choice! Introducing Landy's friend Fender as he takes a trip to the beach, this book and toy combo is full of fun and learning for farm-loving kids.

Shop our full collection of the Landy book series for your little one today!


What Ages are Landy and Friends Books For?

Landy and Friends books are ideal for children aged 3 to 7 years old. Offering engaging, farm-themed stories that capture the imagination of young readers and help them develop a love for reading.

How Many Books are in the Collection?

We have 7 Landy and Fender books in our collection. We also have a special Fender book and Defender bundle, which are ideal gifts for your little farmer.

Do You Sell These Books in a Set?

We don't currently sell these books in a complete set, but with our reasonable delivery prices, you can pick up your favourites or the ones you need to complete your collection in a single order.

Are Landy Land Rover Books Paperback or Hardback?

Both! We have paperback and hardback versions of our Landy and Fender children's books available. The hardback versions are perfect for young readers as they can withstand the wear and tear of little hands, plus they look great on a bookshelf.