Schleich Horse Club Adventures with Car & Trailer

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  • Age Range: 5+
  • Scale: 1:24


Hannah and her father have a great adventure with the car and horse trailer from Schleich Horse Club! The wide range of functions offers lots of play options. The seats in the spacious SUV can be folded down, so the Mr. Kramer figurine can pack lots of stuff, such as the collapsible tent and extensive riding equipment consisting of helmet, saddle, bridle, bucket and grooming box, including massage brush and curry comb. There is also an attachable ladder.

Hannah has not only trained hard for the tournament, but she has also practiced loading her Holsteiner mare in the detachable horse trailer. Thanks to her confident and calm demeanour, the horse is willing to be led by the halter into and out of the horse trailer. A hay net with straw bales is hung in the horse trailer so the mare is well supplied during the drive.

- Suitable for ages 5 - 12
- Figurines are fully movable! 
- Interchangeable hairstyle, torso and legs
- Tent to pitch and fold up, trailer gate open and close, SUV car with foldable seats.

    1x SUV, 1x horse trailer, 1x tent, 1x girl, 1x man, 1x Holsteiner mare, 1x saddle, 1x bridle with reins, 2x straw bales, 1x hay net, 1x ladder for connecting, 1x head collar, 1x helmet, 1x bucket, 1x grooming box, 1x massage brush, 1x curry comb

    Schleich 42535

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