Schleich Washing Area with Horse Club Emily & Luna

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At the Washing Area with Horse Club Emily & Luna from Schleich® Horse Club, Emily washes her Holsteiner mare, Luna, after training, and is happy to have the practical saddle stand.

The Schleich figures are modelled with attention to detail, hand-painted with care, and provide educationally valuable playtime.

- Emily can sit, stand and grip
- Figurine, saddle and bridle are removable
- Figures made from plastic and hand-painted
- Approx size 20 x 16 x 16 cm 
- Part of the Horse Club by Schleich collection 42438

Box contains
1x girl, 1x Holsteiner mare, 1x saddle, 1x bridle with reins, 1x halter, 1x horse washing area, 1x green apple, 1x saddle stand, 1x cleaning box, 1x curry comb, magenta, 1x grooming brush, 1x bucket, 1x helmet

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