The Best Toys for 7-Year-Olds

Looking for the perfect gift for a seven-year-old that won't break the bank? You're in the right place! In our quest to find the best toys for this age group, we've handpicked a selection of brilliant options, all priced under £100.

From board games to craft activities, every toy featured in this round-up has earned the seal of approval from our team of experts and their little playmates.

Explore our list of the best toys and find the perfect gift for the imaginative seven-year-old in your life.

Our Top 5 'Big Toys' for 7-Year-Olds Under £100

Seven-year-olds just want to have fun – after all, they are still young kids. These gifts are sure to deliver the WOW factor when opened, sending you to the top of the gifting charts! 

Keep scrolling for our selection of the best toys under £100, guaranteed to bring countless smiles and hours of enjoyment!

Toy Wooden Milking Parlour & Cow Shed

A fantastic large wooden barn, perfect for sheltering the cows during the winter months. 

It features stalls for feeding the cows, a calf unit, a dairy for milking, and even enough room for the tractor to pass through and deliver feed for the animals

There's plenty here to spark the imagination of any seven-year-old!

"Got this for my son to add to his other farm buildings. Being able to open and close the roof Is a game changer. Really well made and hours of fun!!" - Beth, UK

Lakeside Riding Centre

A fantastic playset from Schleich for horse-loving children, offering over 56 pieces of fun – from pretend horse tack and feed to a cosy loft for relaxation after a day in the saddle.

"The new Lakeside Riding Center is incredible. We love that you can easily rearrange stalls, add more stalls and move the horse in and out to pasture through the cute doors.!" - MKL120

Radio Control CAT 745 Articulated Truck

This diecast metal remote control wheel loader comes with everything the young builder needs – including a controller and batteries. 


Right out of the box, it is ready for the next construction task!

"Grandson loved it. It was very robust." - MaryAnn E

Claas Jaguar 960 Forage Harvester

This diecast metal 1:32 scale Claas harvester is an impressive toy model that would take pride of place within any farm collection. 


It's loved by parents and kids. Every detail has been considered, down to the driver sitting in the cabin, who's wearing Claas overalls!

"My son and husband loves it!! " - Pam

Breyer Dually Pick-Up Truck

Breyer fans can tend to their 1:9 scale horses in the epitome of style with this pick-up truck. The truck is sharp and stylish in white with blue trim, featuring rolling, rubber-like wheels and front wheels that turn with the steering wheel.

Our Bestselling Toys for 7-Year-Olds Under £75

This selection of toys proves that you don't have to spend a fortune to have a seven-year-old bouncing off the walls with happiness. 


Keep scrolling for our pick of the best gifts under £75, providing great value and guaranteed to offer plenty of fun and excitement.

Ed Stafford Shelter Kit

The incredible Shelter Kit, developed in collaboration with Ed Stafford, serves as an antidote to too much screen time. 


A hands-on afternoon spent building a den resets your child, bringing them back to their purest, happiest selves. 


Best outdoor toy ever!

Limited Edition New Holland Christmas Tractor

This diecast metal New Holland Christmas Tractor from Siku is a unique gift for any tractor lover. 


The impressive level of detail is sure to delight, and to add a touch of festive magic, the tractor is driven by none other than Father Christmas himself! 


It comes complete in a special edition box. 

Workshop with Storage & Red Doors

Perfect for an enterprising seven-year-old eager to take on the challenging role of repairing and servicing vehicles in their playroom, this great shed provides all the space needed. 


The sliding door of the workshop can be opened, and the roof plate can be hinged open. 

Our Favourite Toys for 7-Year-Olds Under £50

From Den Kits to Board Games, the best gifts for 7-year-olds help them explore the world around them and test their problem-solving skills


Keep scrolling for a fantastic selection of handpicked gifts under £50 that are sure to provide hours of great fun.

John Deere-opoly Board Game

A clever twist on a classic board game! Test your luck and skills as each player strives to become the Top Farmer with this collector's edition of John Deere-opoly. 


The box includes farm-themed game pieces such as a tractor, combine, farm animals, and more for up to six players


It's a great value game that the whole family can enjoy! 

"I’m sure my grandson and his family will love playing this." - Pennie O

The Den Kit

Designed especially for curious, imaginative, and truly adventurous seven-year-olds.


Offering every child an outdoor experience regardless of the weather, this eco-conscious kit encourages creativity, provides opportunities for exploration, and, most importantly, supplies hours of good, wholesome fun. 

"Brilliant! Product arrived on time and the girls loved it!" - Kate T

Black Beauty Horse & Book Set

More than just a gift, this is a keepsake. Anna Sewell's classic horse tale, Black Beauty, has inspired generations of horse lovers and will continue to do so with this beautiful Black Beauty Horse and Book Set! 


It can be read independently or, as I recently did, enjoyed together as a book for bedtime. 

"Looks lovely for my nephew George in Cambridge, he will love it , showed it to my sister in law, she said he will love it. Saving the book when he is older, looks safe to play with no small detachable bits on the horse." - Jascu M

Our Favourite 'Little Toys' for 7-Year-Olds Under £25

Even in today's age, you can still find fantastic gifts under £25. From DIY kits to toys encouraging imaginative play and STEM activities, we've handpicked a wonderful selection to inspire you.

Giant Butterfly Garden (6 - 10 Caterpillars)

This educational kit offers children an unforgettable opportunity to observe caterpillars transform into chrysalids and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. 

Potion Making Kit

This kit is carefully designed to inspire creativity, resourcefulness, and innovation, making it the perfect gift for any 7-year-old. 


Simply add a pinch of natural colour, a splash of water, and dried petals, and then blend to create the most magical of potions

Britains John Deere Farm in a Box

This value-packed set from Britains includes a John Deere toy tractor, a front loader, a flat green trailer, two sets of cows with their calves, three round bales suitable for the front loader, and four fence panels. 


The best part? The box transforms into a farm playset. 

"Well designed toy, great use of sustainable packaging, nothing wasted. I'm sure my grandson will love it!" - RW

John Deere Tractor 150pc Puzzle & Play Set

This colourful 150-piece puzzle featuring a John Deere tractor is perfect for challenging a 7-year-old. 


To add to the fun, it comes with an original SIKU tractor model to play with once you've completed the puzzle! 

The Best Toys for 7-Year-Olds for Birthdays, Christmas & More

You see, finding the perfect gift for a seven-year-old doesn't have to break the bank. Our handpicked list of the best toys under £100, £75, £50, and £25 caters to all interests and guarantees hours of fun.


From imaginative playsets like the Lakeside Riding Centre and Workshop with Storage to educational kits like the Ed Stafford Shelter Kit and Giant Butterfly Garden, each toy has been chosen for its quality and ability to engage young minds.


Whether it's encouraging creativity, getting the kids off their screens, and providing good old-fashioned fun, these toys make for memorable gifts that will have seven-year-olds beaming with joy.


What Toys for 7-Year-Olds Are Popular in 2023?

Toys like The Den Kit and The Ed Stafford Shelter Kit are firm favourites and work perfectly to get children playing outside in all weather conditions.

How Can I Tell if a Toy is Appropriate for a 7-Year-Old's Skill Level?

Things to consider include age recommendations, complexity aligned with developmental stage, safety features, educational value, relevance to interests, and the need for parental guidance.

What Educational Benefits Can 7-Year-Olds Gain from Playing with Farm Toys?

Farm toys are fantastic for this age group. They provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn about farming, animals, and the workings of a farm. These toys spark their imagination, encourage discussions about their activities, and enhance their hand-eye coordination.

Are Outdoor Toys Good for 7-Year-Olds?

Outdoor toys are great for encouraging 7-year-olds outside; they are vital for their physical and mental health and overall development.

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