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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 products
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Wooden Oldfield Farm with Animals & PeopleWooden Oldfield Farm with Animals & People
Tidlo Wooden Oldfield Farm with Animals & People
Sale price£99.95 Regular price£106.85
Tidlo Oldfied Wooden Toy Farm
Tidlo Wooden Oldfield Farm
Sale price£69.95
Save £3.00
Bigjigs Toy Wooden Play Farm SetBigjigs Toy Wooden Play Farm Set
Bigjigs Wooden Play Farm Set
Sale price£29.95 Regular price£32.95
Toy Farm Animals Wood
Tidlo Wooden Farm Animals
Sale price£24.95
Papo Model Wooden Horse Stall Boxes 60104
Papo Papo Wooden Horse Stables
Sale price£32.95
Branching Out Wooden Farm Family Figures
Tidlo Wooden Farming Family
Sale price£11.95
Tidlo Wooden Tractor and Trailer with Hay
Save £7.80
Wooden Oldfield with Tractor, Animals & PeopleWooden Oldfield with Tractor, Animals & People
Tidlo Wooden Oldfield with Tractor, Animals & People
Sale price£125.00 Regular price£132.80
Papo the big farm Papo The Big Farm Barn
Papo Papo The Big Farm Barn
Sale price£99.95
Farm Mini Playset (BIGJIGS) [BJ684]
Bigjigs Mini Farm Playset
Sale price£32.95
Two Piece Puzzles Farm Bigjigs
Bigjigs Wooden Chunky Lift & Match Farm Puzzle
Papo My First Farm BuildingPapo My First Farm Building
Tidlo Country Tractor & TrailerTidlo Country Tractor & Trailer
Tidlo Country Tractor & Trailer
Sale price£35.95
Tray Puzzle Digger (24 Pieces)Tray Puzzle Digger (24 Pieces)
Save £11.75
Papo The Big Farm Barn with AnimalsPapo The Big Farm Barn with Animals
Papo Papo The Big Farm Barn with Animals
Sale price£149.00 Regular price£160.75
Chunky Lift Out Farm PuzzleChunky Lift Out Farm Puzzle
On The Farm PuzzleOn The Farm Puzzle
Bigjigs On The Farm Puzzle
Sale price£9.95
Bigjigs Farm Heads & TailsBigjigs Farm Heads & Tails
Bigjigs Farm Heads & Tails
Sale price£8.50
Farm Sound Puzzle
Bigjigs Farm Sound Puzzle
Sale price£15.95

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Shop Eco-Friendly Wooden Farm Toys

Browse our carefully chosen collection of wooden toys suitable for ages 2+ and fill your child's toy box with amazingly realistic and effortlessly practical plastic-free toys.

From wooden farm sets to tractors to wooden animal toys, these incredible, lifelike toys are the perfect way to begin building your little one's own eco-conscious farm.

Wooden toys are hugely popular because they are far more durable than plastic toys. Because of this, many parents choose to keep toys in the family, passing them to siblings, cousins or even their own children in time! They’re also much more environmentally friendly, naturally biodegradable and recyclable.

Our Most Popular Eco Farm Toys

We often get parents asking us which wooden farm toys are best for different ages and stages in life. If you’re shopping for a baby or younger child, then our wooden puzzles are a great choice because they have chunky pieces and are best suited to their current developmental stage.

For toddlers, you can’t go wrong with a wooden tractor and wooden farm animals. These encourage free play and can be played with on the floor while they crawl or walk around.

Finally, older children will love the bigger farm sets we have, like the Wooden Oldfield Farm with Animals & People. With over 25 different pieces, including buildings, animals, and people, it will keep them happy for hours while they build their own little world.

Shop our range of wooden farm toys for children today!


What's The Difference Between Eco Toys And Plastic Toys?

The main difference between eco toys and plastic toys is the materials they’re made from. Eco-friendly toys are usually made from wood and other non-toxic, biodegradable materials. Non-eco toys are made using materials like plastic and rubber, which are bad for the environment and won’t break down once they’ve been thrown away.

Are Eco Toys More Expensive Than Normal Toys?

This will depend on the toy you are buying and the brand that makes it. However, eco-friendly and wooden toys are generally no more expensive than their plastic counterparts. For example, a wooden farm set and a plastic farm set will typically be in the same price range.

Do Wooden Toys Last Longer Than Plastic Toys?

The short answer is yes, wooden toys generally last longer than plastic toys. They are made from more durable material and don’t have parts that break off easily. Many of our customers hand wooden toys down to siblings, and some even keep them to hand to their own children or grandchildren!

Are Your Wooden Toys Easy to Store?

Yes, our eco-friendly wooden farm toys are super easy to store. Because they are so hard-wearing, they are fine for stacking in a toy box or cupboard. Some of our sets, like the mini farm playset, are designed to pack away into themselves for ease of storage and to save space.