Top 10 Toy Animals for Kids: Ranked & Rated By Our 'Junior' Experts

Kids adore animals, and at Farm Toys Online, we understand their passion. That's why we've compiled a list of the top 10 toy animals, as rated by our junior experts.

Whether your child is a farm animal enthusiast or simply loves furry and feathered friends, we stock the perfect toy animal to spark their imagination.

Between us, we have a lot of children at Farm Toys Online who are more than happy to share their expert views on all things farm toys. 

This week, we challenged them to narrow down their top ten toy animals

Here's what made the cut.

Best Toy Animals for 1-Year-Olds

Without a doubt, the best toy animals for one-year-olds are the snuggly ones

My eldest child still holds on tightly to his beloved lamb soft toy. This fluffy companion has been with us on countless adventures, from family holidays to fun days out.

It's not just a toy; it's a treasured friend that brings comfort and joy to little ones.

Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends Lita Lamb

Lita Lamb, standing at 30 cm tall, is a member of the Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends collection.

This sweet lamb is designed with bean bags sewn into her bottom and paws, allowing her to sit beautifully beside your little one.

Incredibly soft and of exceptional quality, just as you'd expect from a heritage brand with over 135 years of experience crafting the world's finest soft toys!

Farmhouse Sorter

Following snuggly toys, sorting toys are a big hit with one-year-olds.

One-year-olds are drawn to the bright colours of the Farmhouse Sorter playset, and you can see the satisfaction they get from correctly placing each animal in its designated slot.

When all the farm animals are safely inside, the roof can be removed, and the animals can be poured out for another game!

Wooden Farm Dominoes

Add this to your wishlist – a farm-themed twist on a classic game suitable for both little ones and grown-ups.

It's easy to match the animals, making it fun to play and a valuable tool for teaching one-year-olds about the featured animals and practising turn-taking.

With clear pictures and a convenient storage box, this game is a great choice. The sturdy wooden pieces are perfect for little hands. 

Highly recommended by both our junior experts and us!

Favourite Toy Animals for 2-Year-Olds

Toys that are perfect for two-year-olds usually encourage fine motor skills, imaginative play, and sensory exploration.

At this age, children are refining their hand-eye coordination. We noticed that our junior testers often preferred toys involving building, sorting, or rolling!

Fun On The Farm Playset

Discover endless fun with the Fun on the Farm Playset, a favourite among our junior testers and many two-year-olds!

With 20 items, it features 4 animal toys, 2 farmer figures, 4 easy-to-assemble fence pieces, and iconic John Deere farm vehicles. There's lots to build, sort and roll!!

Fantastic quality, chunky, and virtually indestructible for a two-year-old!

John Deere Animal Sounds Hayride

Learn and play at the same time with the Animal Sounds Hayride!

Match the animals to the pictures on the seats and listen for the correct animal sound! 

Press the farmer down in his tractor, and he sings the classic “Old McDonald” tune.

The John Deere vehicle features easy roll-along wheels, and the four farm animal toys include a sheep, cow, pig, and horse.

Jumbo Farm Animals

Our junior experts dived into imaginative play with these chunky Jumbo Farm Animals from Learning Resources!

The set includes 7 farm animal toys: cow, horse, pig, rooster, goat, goose, and sheep. 

The animal figures have no sharp edges, are great quality and easy to clean.

The largest animal, the horse, measures an impressive 25cm x 19cm.

Snap-n-Learn™ Counting Sheep

Play while improving number and colour skills with these smart Snap and Learn Counting Sheep.

Each sheep features a brightly coloured removable fleece. Match the coloured fleece number to the dots on each sheep’s back to learn about numbers and counting.

The quality of each toy sheep is excellent, with easily removable and attachable fleeces. Plus, when our junior experts weren't learning, they used them for lots of imaginative play.

Top Toy Animals for 3-Year-Olds

For three-year-olds who like to collect, Schleich and Papo are fantastic brands with a wide variety of farmyard animals.

If it's found on a farm, you're sure to find it in our huge collection of Schleich Farm World or Papo Farmyard Friends, including cows, sheep, pigs, donkeys, goats, rabbits, cats, chickens, and even turkeys.

They inspire imaginative play and are safe and accurately detailed.

Schleich Sheep

This Sheep is an excellent representation of the finely detailed and delightful figures we offer from Schleich Farm World, and it's one of our best sellers

The fur texture gives it a soft and adorable appearance, closely resembling a real-life sheep.

All of our junior testers agree that it's a brilliant addition to any farm scene.

Papo Highland Cow

With its long horns and wavy, woolly coat, this Papo Highland Cow is a firm favourite. 

It's sturdy and handled all the imaginative play our junior testers threw its way.

We particularly like the eyes peering out from under its locks. Like all Papo models, it is scaled to approximately 1:24 and has a good weight to it.

Mojo Black Faced Lamb Standing

No farm scene is complete without a few baby animals! This little lamb from Mojo is just the sweetest. The detail and craftsmanship are superb! It's sturdy, easy to clean and can stand alone.

It is scaled to approximately 1:24, so it can easily be combined with other animals from our Schleich and Papo collections.

Fantastic Toy Animal Playsets for All Kids

If you're looking for the perfect gift, our playsets are a fantastic pick! They come with a good variety of farm animals and accessories, offering a complete farm experience for your little one.

Here are some top choices from our shop that will surely delight young farmers.

Schleich Chicken Coop

This fantastic value set from Schleich can be played with on its own or is a great addition to any farm collection.

The set includes a chicken coop, an enclosure, a cockerel, a hen, 2 chicks, 1 nest, and some eggs for the hen to sit on!

The playsets from Schleich Farm World never disappoint in quality and detail. This set is sturdy and full of delightful features that'll bring the joy of caring for chickens to life for little ones aged 3 to 8.

Wooden Oldfield Farm with Animals & People

A colourful playset designed for little ones, featuring a wooden farm and all the animals toys and accessories needed to bring it to life

It's easy to assemble and just the right size—not too big to take up too much space but large enough for little ones to play with comfortably.

We adore the timeless charm of its traditional setting—a beautifully crafted, classic wooden playset sure to be cherished for generations.

Mojo Farm Animal Starter Set

Get all the farm animals in one go with this fantastic Mojo Farm Animal Starter Set. The set includes all the favourites: Collie, Highland Cow, Highland Calf, Ewe, Cockerel, Lamb, Sow, Piglet, Donkey Foal, and Donkey.

Designed in Bristol, all Mojo figures are made from Non-Phthalate PVC and are suitable for children aged 36 months and above.

Rounding Up Our Favourite Toy Animals for Kids

Our junior experts have carefully chosen a delightful range of toys for little animal enthusiasts, ranging from cuddly soft toys ideal for one-year-olds to interactive playsets perfect for preschoolers.

These toys not only bring joy but also offer learning opportunities, encouraging fine motor skills, imaginative play, and sensory exploration.

Whether it's a comforting companion like Steiff Soft Cuddly Friends Lita Lamb or realistic replicas in the Mojo Farm Animal Starter Set, each toy has been tested to ensure playtime is both enjoyable and educational.

For more options, visit our website and explore our unbeatable range.


What are the Benefits of Farm Animal Toys?

Farm animal toys spark imagination, aiding animal and farm life understanding. They boost fine motor skills and cultivate empathy for animals by offering a hands-on connection to nature.

What Do Children Learn from Animal Play?

Children learn diverse skills through animal play. Toys like the Schleich chicken coop instill animal care knowledge, while toys like Snap and Learn Counting Sheep emphasise STEM learning.

Is There an Age Limit on Animal Toys?

The age suitability of animal toys is primarily based on safety considerations. We've seen children 11 years and older having a blast with farm animal toys! Shows they're fun no matter your age.

Are Schleich Animals Collectible?

Yes, Schleich animals are very collectable! Each animal figure is highly detailed and hand-painted. People of all ages, from kids to adults, love collecting Schleich animals.

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