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Get ready to rev up your toy tractors, move the toy sheep, and milk the toy cows! At Farm Toys Online, we've put together an unbeatable collection of farm toys that’ll allow your budding farmer to experience the joys of farm life without leaving home.

Playing with farm animal toys is not just great fun, but also a fantastic way for young children to learn about the environment, farm animals, and how to care for them.

In this guide, we'll highlight our favourite toy farm animals and machines from top brands like Schleich, Papo, Britains, and Kids Globe.

So, let's get stuck into some farm-tastic fun!

We Stock Farm Animal Toys for All Ages

Our range caters to all ages.

For newborns, we offer adorable soft toys like our Steiff Cuddly Friends. Toddlers can enjoy wooden farm animals, while older children can explore our enormous range of farm animal figures in 1:24 scale.

Here, you'll discover a wide variety of breeds, from rarer varieties such as Silkie Chickens to Blacknose Sheep, alongside everyday farm animals like pink pigs and white geese.

Schleich Farm World Starter Set

This farm animal starter set is great value, making it perfect for kickstarting any farm animal collection. It comes with a cow, sheep, rooster, donkey, and foal.

Schleich is known for its top quality and accurate detailing. At 1:24 scale, they are an easy-to-handle size and are sure to last for years.

Children can play with these figurines on their own or combine them with other toys from the Schleich Farm World range.

Papo Mini Plus Farm Tube

The tube contains 12 mini animal figures, including a pig, cows, sheep, chickens and horses. Just as expected from Papo, they're excellent quality and the type of toys you cherish forever.

Even though they're mini, each figurine has amazing details and, most importantly, can stand on its own. Think about how frustrating it is for children when animal toys can't stand up!

Thanks to the handy tube, it’s perfect as a Christmas stocking filler, too.

Tidlo Wooden Farm Animal Set

A brilliant set of traditional wooden farm animals, full of character and suited to younger children. The set includes not one but two of each animal – cows, pigs, chickens, ducks and sheep!

The cows are a bit blocky, but we adore their fabric ears and tails.

This set would make a great addition to The Oldfield Farm. They’re the types of toys that’ll be kept for many years and handed on to the next generation.

Animal Selection Value Pack

An essential addition to any 1:32 scale farm, which is the perfect scale for children aged five and above who have a keen interest in replica models.

This 17-piece toy farm animals set from Britains features 3 Hereford cows, 1 Hereford bull, 2 pink pigs, and 4 pink piglets.

An ideal combination of adult and young farm animals to kickstart a carpet farm!

Check Out Our Farm Machinery Toys - Big & Small!

No toy farm setup is truly complete without farm machinery, which includes any kind of machinery used to help with farming.

In general, if it's found on a farm, we offer it in toy form.

Our selection includes a wide range of farm machines, available in various scales. We have larger 1:16 scale models, perfect for energetic play, as well as more detailed 1:32 scale diecast metal replicas, better suited for older children.

Schleich Tractor & Trailer Set

This tractor and trailer set is compatible with Schleich, Papo, and Mojo figures and accessories. The set includes a tractor, trailer, front loader, farmer, calf and a large round bale.

It's best suited for young children who want a tractor and trailer but aren't too concerned about it being an exact replica of a John Deere, Massey Ferguson and other ‘big tractors’.

The only drawback is that there aren't more attachments available to go with it. 

Nevertheless, it made our list because, as you'd expect from Schleich, this is genuinely a fantastic toy that will last for years.

Quad Bike with Farm Figure

The farmer figure on his quad bike is a familiar sight on any farm, so we couldn't resist including it.

Being compact at just 7cm tall, it's perfect for little ones to take on the go. It features rolling wheels, a rear hitch for towing a trailer when needed, and the driver figure is removable. 

A fantastic addition to any 1:32 scale farm collection!

Sheep Farmer Set

It's no wonder that this charming, 1:32 scale, Britains Sheep Farmer Set is one of our top sellers.

It includes a shepherd, a black and white sheepdog, a Land Rover, a livestock trailer, and sheep. The Land Rover Defender features a removable canopy, a spare wheel, and chunky treaded tyres.

The playset does have some delicate parts, so it's not suitable for rough play! Combine it with a farm shed for the ultimate gift.

Bruder Case IH Optum 300CVX with Front Loader and Bale Trailer

This Case Front Loader and Trailer Playset is brilliant for transporting bales around the farm. It delivers the thrill of unwrapping a huge present.

 Designed to a 1:16 scale, when you hitch the tractor and trailer together, they measure an impressive 88.5 cm in length!

Like all Bruder toys, it's made using top-quality plastic – similar to those used in automotive parts.

Add to the fun with our large wooden tractor shed, perfect for storing farm machinery when it's not in use.

Julia's Picks: My Favourite Farm Toy Play Sets that Make the Perfect Gifts

Who doesn't love a good playset? They are fantastic for reducing frustration for both the buyer and the recipient; it's a guaranteed way of ensuring that everything works well together perfectly.

These farm toy playsets are representative of our ethos: high-quality toys chosen personally by the founder of Farm Toys Online, Julia Lowe, and designed to be treasured for generations.

Starter Wooden Farm Set with Tractor, Cows & Accessories

Put together by Julia herself, this Starter Wooden Farm Set includes everything a budding farmer needs to kickstart their first real farming adventure.

Alongside the sturdy farm, Julia has included a John Deere Tractor, a Fodder Mixing Wagon with feed to fill it, 12 cows, and some square bales. All in 1:32 scale, we'd say it's ideal for ages 4 and above.

Some assembly is necessary for the farm, but it's absolutely worth it to have a dedicated place for all your animals and farm machinery.

Wooden Oldfield Farm with Animals & People

Julia has stocked this delightful wooden farm playset for years, chosen for its traditional setting and figures that evoke a sense of simpler times

It includes wooden farm people and animals, and for added fun, you can complement it with a matching wooden tractor and trailer.

It's a firm favourite with preschoolers, and parents also appreciate its sturdiness and straightforward assembly.

Find the Most Exciting Farm Toys for Kids at Farm Toys Online!

At Farm Toys Online, you'll find an unbeatable range of farm toys suitable for all ages, from newborns to older children.

We stock high-quality animal figures and machines from top brands like Schleich, Papo, Britains, and Kids Globe, allowing children to engage in imaginative play while learning about farm life and animal care.

If you're unsure where to begin, our carefully curated playsets guarantee compatibility and ease of use, making them ideal gifts for any occasion.


Are Farm Toys Educational?

Farm toys are educational as they enable children to learn about farm life and animal care while engaging in imaginative play. They promote an understanding of the environment and animals and how to care for them, making them a valuable educational tool.

How Does Farm Animal Play Help Toddlers?

Farm toys offer lots of benefits to toddlers, including speech development through imitating animal noises and animal naming practice.

What Toys Makes Good Gifts for Children Who Like Animals?

Our 1:24 scale animal figures are perfect for small-world play, and children can continue to grow their collection over many years. An animal soft toy also makes a wonderful bedtime friend!

What Scale are Toy Tractors?

Our tractors come in all shapes and sizes! You can learn more about scales by reading our handy toy tractor scales guide.

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